The all new Ergoline Sunrise 7200 elevates tanning to the next level! The stunning LED illumination delivers impact from the very first glance. The brightly illuminated interior invites your customers to an unprecedented vertical tanning experience. 3D Sound with Bluetooth® turns the Sunrise into a dancefloor and the brand new Surround Cooling Plus guarantees a refreshing breeze from head to toe. All with the touch of a button on the easy-to-use Smart Control glass panel.

With Vibra Shape a tanning session on the Ergoline Sunrise becomes a simultaneous fitness session. Vibra Shape simulates 20,000 steps in just 10 minutes and allows clients to tone as they tan without breaking into a sweat! The rhythmic vibrations of the Vibra Shape plate have a number of positive benefits on health: They promote muscle generation, energise fat reduction, tighten connective tissues and support physical mobility and co-ordination. The improved supply of nutrients to the skin also enhances the tanning effect. The choice of four different training programmes and the side alternating vibration which is kind to your joints, makes Vibra Shape suitable for everyone. Let the Sunrise be a private trainer for your customers – in a completely private environment.

  • Design
    • Brilliant White 
    • LED Light Show
    • LED Interior Light
    • Open air feeling
    • Completely private environment

  • UV-Technology
    • 48 Trend Advanced UV-lamps
    • Dynamic Performance (200 W*)
    • Smart Performance (180 W)
    • Lamp length: 2 meters

    * Maximum output

  • Comfort
    • Bluetooth® Connect
    • Surround Cooling PLUS
    • Aroma
    • MP3-Connection, Auto Play & Auto Volume
    • Floating Door System
  • Fitness
    • Patented Vibra Shape training
    • 4 training programmes
    • Side alternating vibration

  • Handling
    • Smart Control
    • Voice Guide
    • Professional Set-up Manager