Prestige Bluevision

The new Prestige Bluevision uses the power of blue light! For the first time ever, the Ergoline Prestige Bluevision  combines the latest UV technology with the power of 120 Activating Light LEDs. Blue light has an activating effect on the skin preparing it for exposure to the sun resulting in enhanced pigmentation and deeper tanning results.  For a directly visible WOW! effect.
With Personal Sunstyle you can choose from three individual tanning programmes – from sensitive to intensive.  The standard comfort equipment including Climtatronic PLUS, Surround Cooling PLUS, Cinematic Sound, Voice  Guide and Aqua Fresh & Aroma guarantees maximum tanning comfort for the pleasure of even the most  discerning customer.

For the first time, the Prestige Bluevision offers voice control, the Ergoline Voice Assistant (E.V.A.). Just say „EVA“ – and operate your Ergoline Prestige with your eyes closed! Enhanced safety and a particularly relaxing experience for your guests.

  • Activating Light

    THE NEW COLOUR OF THE SUN. The new Prestige Bluevision introduces 120 Activating Light LEDs to prepare the skin for tanning with activating blue light to enhance the tanning effect. Blue light is very important in regulating circadian rhythmactivates and activates the body functions. In the skin blue light acts like an orchestra conductor ensuring all the individual light reactions are coordinated. Blue signals the presence of sunlight to the cells and initiates a faster tanning reaction. For artificial tanning, the additional use of Activating Light LEDs enables an intensification of the direct tanning results.

    • UV Technology

      The combination of Activating Light LEDs and latest UV technology enables an intensification of the direct tanning results. The new LED Shoulder Tan is not only an optical highlight. The combination of 40 UVA LEDs and two UVB compact lamps guarantees an intensive all-round tan. Improved performance plus 80% reduction in power consumption by the LED shoulder tanner. The long service life of the LEDs (20,000 hours) further reduces operating costs.


      • NEW: 70 Activating Light LEDs
      • NEW: Ergoline Blue-Lamps: 14 à 200 watts max.*
      • Trend UV-Lamps: 38 à 200 watts max.*
      • Dynamic Performance
      • Shoulder Tan with 40 UVA LEDs und 2 UVB Compact Lamps


      • NEW: 50 Activating Light LEDs
      • Ultra Performance PLUS: 4 à 520 watts max.*
      • UVB-Spaghettis: 4 à 8 watts
      • 0,3 Optimized Performance

      * The maximum UV output is adapted to the national regulations.

    • Personal Sunstyle

      Desired tan at the touch of a button! Individual choice of tan from gentle to intense. Each user simply selects their customised tanning experience from three tanning programme options. Regardless of whether your customer is looking for a lightly tanned complexion or a directly visible, long-lasting tan: the Prestige Bluevision with Personal Sunstyle is always the perfect sunbed.

      • Intensive: 100% Intensity
      • Medium:    85% Intensity
      • Sensitive:   65% Intensity
    • Design

      The dark anthracite metallic decor color and the interplay of the large, blue LED Light show with Activing Light LEDs as interior lighting set the Prestige Bluevision apart from all other sunbeds. The central design element of the Prestige Bluevision is the Exterior Touch Display which the latest videos is haromically integrated into the design. The brightly lit interior invites you to experience the sun in a class of its own.

      • Decor Color: Anthracite Metallic
      • LED Light Show with High Performance LED´s
      • Over 200 colors and animations
      • Illuminated Ergoline Logo in the canopy
      • LED Interior Light: red illuminated tanning tunnel
      • Beauty Light LED: eye-catching standby illumination

    • Comfort

      Of course, the Prestige Bluevision comes with all the comfort features your customers love as standard – the tanning experience evolves into soothing getaway. Surround Cooling PLUS caresses the body with a smooth, even airfl ow reminiscent of a cooling sea breeze. Cold feet are now a thing of the past thanks to a new ventilation concept from Ergoline. Operation sounds have also been minimised ensuring a particularly relaxing tanning experience. Naturally, the ventilation intensity for the body and face can be adjusted separately. The automatic ventilation can be individually adjusted with various software settings in the Professional Set-up Manager for even cooler temperatures.

      The completely new sound system thrills with rich bass, crisp mids and crystal clear highs. Optimal alignment with the tanning tunnel ensures an impressive, fi rst-class sound experience – yet it remains pleasantly quiet in the salon. Customers can choose between salon music channels, new internal music or their own smartphone playlist via Bluetooth®. For even more convenient operation, set-up different folders with different music genres e.g. Rock, Pop or Dance for your internal music on the SD Card separate to the pre-installed Ergoline music. The relaxation sounds are completely new: your customers can enjoy a particularly relaxing break from everyday life with the sound of waves and meditative sounds of nature.

      • Surround Cooling PLUS
      • Cinematic Sound
      • Exterior Touch Display
      • Interior Touch Display
      • Bluetooth® Connect
      • Climatronic PLUS incl. enclosed Tanning Tunnel
      • NFC Connect / Personal Comfort
      • Multi Relax Acrylic
      • Aqua Fresh & Aroma
      • Optional: Ergoline Voice Assistant (E.V.A.)

    • Handling

      Lie down, close your eyes and enjoy! The Ergoline Voice Assistant (E.V.A.) enables for the first time the operation of the sunbed using voice. Via the large external display, the Ergoline Voice Assistant can be activated with one click. A video tutorial explains the simple instructions. To start the voice control during tanning, your customer simply says „EVA“ or touches the touch display. Music volume and ventilation will then be adjusted for a few seconds, during which time the voice commands can be entered. With very  simple commands such as „body ventilation plus“, „temperature minus“, „aroma on“, „face lamps off“ or „Aqua Fresh Body“ all comfort settings can be adjusted with closed eyes. On request, all entries can be confi rmed by the Voice Guide.

      The intuitive operation is also possible with the two large touch displays. The high quality 10‘‘ exterior display blends harmoniously into the design and makes operation easier than ever. The easy to use menu navigation with large icons is designed like a smartphone. After selecting the individual tanning intensity, preferred comfort features can be set on one page, eliminating the need to repeatedly scroll through a myriad of features. With just a few taps, the Prestige Bluevision is adapted to the personal settings for each individual user. Of course, all settings can be easily saved with NFC Connect – making the  second visit onwards even more relaxed.

      The 7‘‘ Interior Touch Control makes operation easier than ever during the tanning session. The extremely popular easy operation from the earlier Prestige 1600 model has been ad-opted and adapted to today‘s smartphone standard. The self-explanatory and easy to understand icons are easy to read even for first-time users and those wearing glasses. Menu navigation has been really well thought through – even with additional customization option - and the most commonly used functions are easier to adjust than ever before. Forgot to select your tanning programme? No problem! Simply catch up using the interior display. For the first time ever, the UV intensity for the face and body can be individually adjusted at any point during the tanning session.

      • Optional: Ergoline Voice Assistant (E.V.A.)
      • 10'' Exterior Touch Display
      •  7'' Interior Touch Display
      • Videos and Tutorials
      • Voice Guide
    • Operation

      Thanks to the large touch display and intuitive menu navigation, the operation of the new Professional Set-up Manager PLUS is now completely self-explanatory and so easy to use. A number of new setting and information options have been integrated to make operation even more professional. Maintenance instructions, e.g. for upcoming lamp changes, keep you and your employees informed. Of course, this display can be deactivated at any time. Completely new is the option to display explanatory videos and even your own advertising content in the large displays. With regular software updates and high quality Gold Standard unique hardware technology, Prestige Bluevision will always be current.

      As a salon operator, you can access your Prestige Bluevision from home via remote access. Now you can call up all device information, such as operating hours, and carry out your device configuration from the comfort of your own home. In the future, you will even be able to  import your own advertising content into the device. Remote Access also helps you with servicing as error messages can be called up online by technical service support and software updates can be installed directly. This significantly reduces service time and under certain circumstances, service calls can even  be avoided completely. The data transmission (LAN / WLAN) is of course carried out via a secure JK server. PLEASE NOTE: You decide if and when you want to go online with your Prestige Bluevision.

      The ease of cleaning has also been significantly improved. The ergonomic acrylic panel is positioned to avoid typical dirt edges, and the canopy can be opened up easily and fastened with practical supports.

      • Professional Set-up Manager PLUS
      • Remote Access
      • Improved acrylic to avoid Dirt Edges
      • Practical supports for the Canopy
      • Service Light