passion 350-S

The Ergoline Passion 350-S is available in a choice of Super Power, Twin Power or Turbo Power. All of the versions are based on the innovative Optimized Performance concept. 38 UV lamps and 3 Ultra Performance facial tanners including two UV-B spaghetti lamps ensure a seamless all-round tan from head to toe.

Comfort is also a top priority. The Bodyform Plus base with its integrated headrest guarantees an even distribution of body weight so that even longer tanning sessions do not become uncomfortable. The Comfort Cooling System or optional Air Conditioning surrounds the entire body in cool air.

Stereo Sound Plus with MP3 dock provides the best in music entertainment.

    • Design
      • Brilliant White
      • Mood Light
      • Photo Art
    • UV-Technology
      • 38 x 140W*  / 3 x 400W +  2 x 8W
      • Turbo Power / Twin Power / Super Power
      • Ultra Performance Plus
      • 0,3 Optimized Performance

      * Maximum output

    • Comfort
      • Body Form Plus-Acrylic
      • Comfort Cooling
      • Optional: Stereo Sound / Stereo Sound +
    • Handling
      • Time Control-Timer