Flair 200

The Ergoline Flair 200 has a lot to offer with minimal space requirement. Its particularly compact dimensions mean it can be fitted in everywhere. 27 UV lamps provide an intense and even body tan. 

With an Ultra Performance facial tanner, even the entry-level model features top class innovative glass reflector UV technology - from a 230 V mains supply! There's no shortage of comfort features either: The comfortable Bodyform Plus base with integrated headrest, Comfort Cooling and Stereo Sound ensure perfect relaxation. The Soft touch control panel with digital time display is particularly user-friendly and features an integrated timer.

  • Design
    • Soft Grey Silver 
  • UV-Technology
    • 27 x 100W  / 1 x 300W
    • Super Power
    • Ultra Performance
  • Comfort
    • Bodyform Plus-Acrylic
    • Comfort Cooling
    • Optional: Stereo Sound / Stereo Sound Plus
  • Handling
    • Time Control-Timer