Flair 250

With 30 UV lamps and 3 Ultra Performance facial tanners, the Ergoline Flair 250 provides a perfect all-round tan, which you would normally only expect from higher class models. 

The Bodyform Plus base with integrated headrest and the Comfort Cooling system with adjustable ventilation nozzles for the head and body ensure a relaxing tanning session. The well-arranged Soft touch control panel lets you adjust all the tanning functions to suit individual requirements. Stereo Sound Plus with MP3 dock provides the best entertainment to suit your personal music preferences.

  • Design
    • Brilliant White Anthracite 
  • UV-Technology
    • 30 x 100  / 3 x 400W
    • Super Power
    • Ultra Performance

  • Comfort
    • Bodyform Plus-Acrylic
    • Comfort Cooling
    • Optional: Stereo Sound / Stereo Sound Plus
  • Handling
    • Time Control-Timer