With the new Smart Light Performance (SLP) facial tanner, the latest addition to the Hybrid family offers a genuine world premier! The Smart Light Performance technology is the first to combine intense tanning UV light with the skincare effect of Beauty Light in a high-pressure facial tanner. The interaction between high-performance projectors, glass reflectors with 120-layer special coating and a newly developed filter screen offers an intense and long-lasting tan despite the reduced UVA content. The red Beauty Light boosts the blood circulation and therefore optimises the tanning results. At the same time, the Beauty Light looks after the skin during the tanning session and works on delivering a lovely, fresh complexion. The three additional smartsun spaghetti lamps complete the spectrum with a combination of UVB and Beauty Light. Just a few hours after the tanning session, a beautiful, natural and long-lasting tan develops.
You find the Smart Light Performance technology in our new Ergoline Affinity 990 Hybrid Performance SLP and the new Inspiration 500 Hybrid Performance SLP.