30 Years of Ergoline. Thank You!

Light is life! The family business has developed into an international light specialist in the lifestyle, beauty and health market. Still family-owned, the Germany company Ergoline can look back over 30 years of success as the world’s most popular sunbed brand. Time to reflect and say thank you.

Brothers Walter and Josef Kratz, together with their brother-in-law Günter Kuttig, set up JK Saunabau GmbH in 1969 as a further development of their joinery business. The foundation stone for the modern JK Group had been laid! They were quick to recognise people’s need for sunshine and, only six years later, began to develop their own sunbeds. The Ergoline brand first saw the light of day on March, 25th 1987 in the form of the Ergoline 35. With its high-quality plastics engineering, brand new design and exemplary comfort, the first sunbed to bear the magenta logo represented a quantum leap in the development of professional sunbeds. A particular highlight was the introduction of an ergonomic base, which gave the brand its name.

Following on from this successful launch, Ergoline and the entire JK Group continued to grow. Regular innovations came out of the company’s own development centre and soon reached modern sunbed standards – the glass reflectors introduced in 1993 are still the basis for all modern facial tanners today. The great success of Ergoline and the rapid development of the sunbed market reached its peak in October 1996, when JK introduced the Ergoline 500 and 600. These two ranges finally led to Ergoline's global breakthrough and the brand's market share reached 70% over the next few years.  A timeless design, high levels of service and maintenance, intense tanning performance, easy operation and quality without compromise has meant that these appliances can still be found in studios all over the world 20 years after they were first introduced.

With innovative product developments such as Avantgarde, Open Sun, Prestige, Balance and the sensor-controlled Sun Angel, Ergoline continued to grow over subsequent years. Despite general conditions becoming more challenging, with each new range of appliances innovations were introduced to improve user safety, comfort and performance. Several comfort features have transformed tanning over recent years into an increasingly relaxing wellness experience.

With new light technologies such as Hybrid Performance and Beauty Light LEDS, the top Prestige 1600 model introduced in 2016 sets the standard for modern sunbeds and has been as enthusiastically received as the Ergoline 500 and 600 in their day.

Whichever appliances bear the Ergoline logo, the basis for our success is the team behind the Ergoline brand. We would therefore like to thank the people who have been working passionately over the past 30 years to help us get a little bit better every day. But we would be nothing without our customers and partners. And so we would above all like to thank all the tanning fans who have been placing their trust in us for 30 years! We promise that we will continue to impress with regular new tanning and light technologies in the future.

Ergoline is 30 years young. We are looking forward to the next 30 years!